Christian C. Bertelsen

Founder and Director of Qualitative Analysis


He holds a BA in Economics and History and an MBA from Boston University.

Christian C. Bertelsen’s Bio

Chris Bertelsen brings over 45 years of experience in financial management as a Portfolio Manager and as Chief Investment Officer. Chris was Co-Founder, President and Chief Investment Officer at Aviance Capital Management, overseeing development and management of all investment strategies. Chris has been a frequent contributor to CNBC, Fox Business, the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg.

At Eagle Asset Management, Chris pioneered the strategic use of ETFs in portfolio construction and management in the early 1990s. Mr. Bertelsen served as the Director of the value equity group at Phoenix Investment Counsel. He was the Chief Investment Officer at Dreman Value Advisors and was Senior Vice President with Eagle Asset Management. Chris headed the Equity Investment Department at Colonial Advisory Services, Inc. and managed the Colonial Fund. Previously, he was Vice President and Portfolio Manager at Battery March Financial Management. Chris draws upon his experience to guide advisors through up and down markets with a measure of common sense and wisdom.